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- Ed Spruill, Author -

Ed has years of classroom teaching experience. He has overcome economical & social hardships to obtain his status as educators. This accentuates his presence as role models to children.

            One hardship that Ed overcame is the fact that he is extremely dyslexic. Growing up in Baltimore, he was labeled as slow due to the fact that being dyslexic was not recognized at that time. All his life he was told that he was not college material and should seek a trade. It was not until his senior year at Florida State University that he was diagnosed as being dyslexic. Even though it took 10 years longer than most students, at the age of thirty-one Edward received is Bachelors of Science in Education from Florida State University. Ed’s message is “Never Lose Your Dream.

- Ed Spruill, Illustrator -

After college, Ed discovered that he had a gift of drawing. He began to read & study and now he has become an accomplished self taught artist & illustrator. Ed & Wife Sonya Spruill would go on to write a series of children’s books, each one teaching a moral lesson.

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